From the beginning...

My name is Karin Tegle, born in the early 80´s and I grew up in a residential district outside of Malmö, in the south of sweden, with my dear parents.
When I turned 18 I packed my bags and moved 65 km up in the country to the small town Köping. But as I still, after 5 years, didnt feel like home there and never feelt attatched to the city I simply moved back!

Despite all, I can not live without these rolling landscape with its yellow rapefields and windy, blue/green, seas to long

During my whole life I´ve drawn all possible animal into house, to my wretched parents' vexation, and ran during the school age direct to the farm that was nearby and spent all my free time there to take care of all the animals (horses, cows, pigs, sheep, goats, rabbits etc.). I also had my hobby with the horse backriding for many years


I did nag persistent on my parents about a cat or above all a dog, but when allergy lies on my mother's side and that they thought it was a to demanding animal so I never got it. So I didn't wait long after I moved to my own place, at the age of 18, to get my first dog - A black Chinese Crested Powder puff girl by the name Fain (Sandfield's Galadriel Fain). She is still alive and kicking. The love of my life! She never got into my breeding-program due to some problems with her health during the years.

I did my research on the breed and are still involved and are trying to keep up with diseases, health issues and bad mentality etc. in the breed to make the best of my breeding.

The love for the breed was forever tattooed in my heart, which is an obvious love for many CC-owners because most of us want and craves for more of theese lovable breed... So did I!

After two additional years I heard about a breeder that got a re-call on a lovley nakedbitch and I looked it up and thats how Misty (Ch VCh. Lohamras Oh sweet Mystery) got into my life, like the little clown she is... and yet one more empty space filled with love. She later on became the female I builed up my breeding on.

The breeding / kennel ...

I, unfortunalty, have a very small breeding program/long time between litters due to time and space-issues. My dream is to find a perfect little house in the close future where I can have somewhat more frequent litters then I have today. So as it is now ... the Oblivions are rare and uniq

I spend many months and even years on planing my litters. To pick out the right dogs for the best possible combinations/outcome. It's a very hard job to find suitible males thats both beautiful and doesn't make a risky (health-wise) combination with my females. Every dog has some degree of sickness in their pedigree and it's impossible to know every issue in the blood-lines because many breeders aren't so co-operative and tells about their dogs sicknesses... But we can only do our best, right? And thats not to double/tripple up on dogs you know carries health-problems, and not at all use dogs with bad (fear or aggresive) temperment.

Then the exterior are up to the breeder to form by their own taste ...

Fain 3månaderThe breed tend to be overgrown today and the hairless tend to be way to hairy (many that's so hairy even the breeder can't say if it's a hairless or a powder puff. And this is so sad). It's very easy to get to big and hairy dogs, but I will try to combine the litters in a way I hopefully get good sizses and not that fluffy superhairy hairless-puppies. BUT even I can get (and probbably will) at some point.

My prioritys are: Flawless temperment, good sizes, harmonic angulation and gorgeous heads (with a correct long and strong muzzle, dark almond shaped eyes that's well-filled underneath.)
I also value great coats (that are as straight and soft as possible, and theirby pretty easy to maintain), good teeth (which is a correct scissor-bite where the teeth are nicely placed where they should be. Loss of theet are acceptable on the hairless but I prefer when they have all 12 theet in the front.

The dogs always comes first and remaining loving familymembers and not walking money-makingmachines!
I will also never get anymore dogs, at home, that I have the time for, so that every individual gets the love and attention it needs...


Till toppen Framsidan Frågor och svar Kontakta mig